With text cursor at your table, procedure or any other object name, press SQL XDetails hotkey and voilĂ  !

Source code of procedures, view, triggers…

One-click transfer of source code to sql editor. Supports procedures, functions, views, triggers – any code in database.

This example examines sys.objects view with SQL XDetails.

Foreign keys

Columns of multicolumn foreign key are in-line of a foreign key, comma separated.

Primary key

Supports multicolumn primary keys

Table columns

Foreign key columns display referenced (parent) table and column.
Works also with multicolumn foreign keys.

Space used by each index

You can see total amount of space used by table together with indexes, just like sp_spaceused. But here you also see that space broken down to each index. Clustered index contains table data in leaf nodes.

Index INCLUDED columns

In addition to index key columns, SQL 2005 and on also supports index included columns. They are placed just in leaf nodes of index, as a clustered indexes with subset of columns. Use it to overcome 16-columns limit of indexes or to place varchar(max) and other types not allowed in key columns.

Indexes on Table-valued functions

Table-valued functions can also have multiple indexes and constraints defined on returning table. SQL Details gives you insight to them.

And many more features and otherwise hidden information about your database.

Download and investigate for yourself!

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