History of SQL XDetails

XDetails 3.2.0 Released (2016-05-17)

Please follow “Install Instructions” doc in the install zip (it contains an important tip!)

  • New: Tab Columns in “Is Marked As” now indicates when ANSI_PADDING is OFF for a column
  • New: Indexes Tab now shows if index is part of an PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraint
  • New: Table comments in search results
  • New: Tab “Children” has added columns “Create script” and “Drop script” for foreign keys
  • Improved: Object title/name now can be copied (it is now a textbox instead of a label)
  • Fixed: Statistics, Density, and Histogram tabs throwed error for tables with more than 2.147.483.647 rows
  • Fixed: ntext type was displayed with the length of 8, although no length should be displayed
  • Fixed: “Data” tab would crash on Memory-Optimized tables in SQL 2016 and SQL 2014
  • Fixed: “Histogram” tab would throw error if TIMESTAMP/ROWVERSION column is present
  • Fixed: Added SET XACT_ABORT ON in drop/create script to prevent leaking transactions in case that create fails.

XDetails 3.1.0 Released (2015-06-04)

Please follow “Install Instructions” doc in the install zip (it contains an important tip!)

  • New: Object comment/description is now visible. So far we had only column comments.
  • New: Tab “Actual Index Usage” is here! It shows the actual number of seeks/scans or changed rows (ins/upd/del) that indexes had. That is different from “Index usage (plan)” tab whose counters increase by exactly one per each execution of the entire plan this index is part of, no matter how many time operation (scan/seek) was actually executed or not executed at all.
  • New: Statistics tab have new column “Rows modifed since” to indicate the number of modifications since last statistics update. SQL2012+ (although might be from 2008R2).
  • New: Columns tab have new column “Is marked as”. It shows flag attributes: FILESTREAM, SPARSE, COLUMN_SET. Also ROWGUIDCOL and PERSISTED are moved there to reduce the number of columns (width).
  • Improved: Drop/create script sometimes left open transactions (if create proc failed and user did not execute the line with commit/rollback, opening deeply nested tran). Script now has smarter code to avoid that.

XDetails 3.0.0 Released (2015-04-14)

Please follow “Install Instructions” doc in the install zip (it contains an important tip!)

  • New: Now works with SSMS 2014
  • New: Registration is not required anymore. You can see all the data tabs without bothering with registration. Donations are still welcome though, as a sign of your good will 🙂
  • Improved: Connect timeout raised from 6 to 15 sec.

XDetails 2.9.0 Released (2015-03-07)

Please follow “Install Instructions” doc in the install zip (only new .confing files are needed!)

  • New: Tab “Physical, Fragmentation” adds allocation unit info (ROW OVERFLOW, LOB), fragmentation, record size, page used space, and many other details
  • New: Properties tab shows new information: lock escalation, LOBs in-the-row when they fit, LOBs data space, for procedures: execute as, individual owner, schema owner
  • Improved: Now all queries are done under read uncommitted transaction isolation level, to avoid locks.
  • Improved: Faster “Index and Partitions” tab, especially for big tables. Because fragmentation-related data is now moved to the new tab “Physical, Fragmentation”
  • Improved: Relaxed conditions for recommending rebuild and reorganize actions
  • Improved: Index depth is now shown even for partitioned tables
  • Improved: Trigger’s execution order (FIRST/LAST) is shown if it is set for firing event (e.g. “FIRST ON INSERT”).
  • Improved: Statistics sample pct now has one decimal digit. It is useful for big table with low sample rates (before was int).
  • Improved: Index Usage tab: more descriptive column names
  • Fixed: Now works on instances with case-sensitive object names (database and instance CS collations)
  • Fixed: Index tab now shows disabled indexes, duplications do not occur anymore, supports indexes above 255
  • Fixed: Now shows indexes on table-valued functions return table
  • Fixed: Now works when connected with DAC (Dedicated Admin Connection)
  • Fixed: Statistics columns of multi-column index-based statistics sometimes had wrong order of columns. Histogram column could sometimes missing because of that.
  • Fixed: Row count in Indexes tab was wrong in situation where multiple allocation units existed per partition (e.g. LOB+OVERFLOW).

XDetails 2.8.1 Released (2013-02-19)

  • Bugfix on “Statistics” tab page

XDetails 2.8 Released (2013-02-15)

  • New: Added new tab “Properties” for all object types. Includes information: Created date, Modified date, Schema bound, Quoted indentifier, Ansi nulls, Is deterministic.
  • New: On tab “Indexes” added new columns: Index depth, Fragmentation %, Action
  • New: On tab “Partitions” added new columns: Index depth, Fragmentation %, Action
  • New: On tab “Indexes” added new column: “Index id”
  • Improved: On tab “Statistics” column “Created” now differentiates between auto created, manually created, and statistics bound to index
  • Improved: On tab “Indexes” column “Fill factor” shows “default” if it is real server default setting, which may not be 100

XDetails 2.7 Released (2012-11-15)

  • Improved: “Data” tab now shows most recent 100 rows if table has identity column (order by $identity DESC)
  • Improved: “Columns” and “Parameters” tab now displays scale for TIME, DATETIME2 and DATETIMEOFFSET datatypes
  • Improved: Whitespace is removed before and after the procedure code text (function/trigger/view)
  • Fixed: Parameters were not shown for some procedures
  • Fixed: Searh was not case insensitive for Croatian digraph letters (LJ, NJ, DŽ) due to collation implementation in sql server

XDetails 2.6 Released (2012-11-02)

  • Improved: “Columns” tab, in “Unique” added mark “IXF” for uniqueness enforced by a filtered index (SQL2008+). Also improved naming.
  • Improved: default collation name is displayed next to “database_default” collation
  • Improved: “Index usage” tab now has “Reads per read+write %” to indicate whether index is really used (100%) or just maintained (0%) or something in between.
  • Improved: Fill factor “default” now displays a number “default (100)”
  • Improved: Persistent shows now Yes/No for computed columns, and is empty for non-computed columns
  • Fixed: Data tab with BLOB columns (image, varbinary) was throwing error.
  • Fixed: unicode (nvarchar, nchar) table column maximum length was shown twice the real value
  • Fixed: Edit procedure source sometimes created invalid line endings (lacking CRLF)
  • Fixed: If a single column had more than one foreign key defined on it, column was duplicated.
  • Fixed: Statistics, Density and Histograms tab – did not worked for non-current databases
  • Fixed: Index tab shown wrong number of rows for filtered indexes

XDetails 2.5 Released (2012-09-10)

  • New: Tab column “Unique”. Shows if column is part of a unique constraint, unique index, or primary key. Also shows the column position if it is a multicolumn uniqueness.
  • New: Tab column “Grants” displaying object permissions
  • Improved: Grants are now scripted in T-SQL source code CREATE script
  • Improved: Tab column “Identity” now shows seed, increment and current value
  • Improved: Trigger tab has some additional info (columns added)
  • Fixed: Sometimes certain triggers were not shown in triggers tab
  • Fixed: Column position in a multicolumn primary key was in rare cases not reflecting correct position in the key
  • Fixed: In “Columns” tab certain columns were shown twice (duplicate). That would happen if we had more than one comment on that column (e.g. column comment plus index column comment on the same column)

XDetails 2.4 Released (2012-04-12)

  • New: Table and index statistics information: histograms, density, multicolumn statistics detailed information
  • Improved: Index information added: filtered index formula, ASD/DESC info on key columns, is index enabled and other new details
  • Fixed: After recent windows update, on SSMS 2012 addin would not load
  • Fixed: Several small bug fixes

XDetails 2.3 Released (2012-03-31)

  • Improved: Search for object now supports wildcard “%” so you can get objects that ends or begins with something or any LIKE condition.
  • Improved: Triggers information now displays when the trigger fires (AFTER / INSTEAD OF) and for what statements ( INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE )
  • Fixed: If database name contained a minus “-” sign, three-part object names (e.g. “[my-dbname].dbo.myTyble” ) could not be found
  • Fixed: Title of XDetails window remained from previous object

XDetails 2.2 Released (2012-03-06)

  • Improved: removes empty lines before and after the T-SQL code (procedure, view, trigger, etc)
  • Fixed: XDetails window did not open if other SSMS window like table design was opened
  • Fixed: search table now has adjustable, sortable columns
  • Fixed: “Index usage” for heap tables had empty index name
  • Fixed: three-part object name was throwing exception if database name was mispelled
  • Minor improvements: connection and command timeout raised to 6 secs, when sql window is inactive xdetails button now disables instead of dissapearing, better error handling, etc.

XDetails 2.1 Released (2012-03-04)

  • Added: “Index usage” information for tables
  • Added: schema names in foreign key referenced tables
  • Fixed: schema name from non-current database was not fetched
  • Fixed: three-part object names when using “[]” were not recognized without selecting the whole name

XDetails 2.0 Released (2012-02-26)

  • Added: supports SSMS 2012 (tested on SSMS 2012 RC0)
  • Added: “search” now has object names as hyperlinks to object details
  • Added: locates objects in non-current database when using 3-part identifier (e.g. “master.sys.objects”)
  • Added: drop/create script for procedures, views etc.. now creates transaction (useful in case drop succeeds and create fails)
  • Added: detects check constraints by name
  • Added: sql.config cleaned up for eacier customization (uses CDATA, has description of parameters in header comments)
  • Fixed: did not worked on some SSMS express versions when Extensibility.dll was missing on the machine

XDetails 1.4 Released (2011-07-14)

  • Added: Index tab is enriched with new columns: Depth and Fill factor
  • Fixed: „data_compression_desc column does not exist“ error on Storage and Partitions tabs for SQL 2005 databases

XDetails 1.3 Released (2011-07-13)

  • Added: Partitioning support with new tab „Partitions“. Has details about each individual partition of the table, index, or indexed view
  • Added: Partitioning information on „Storage“ tab: field on which it is partitioned by, partition schema, partition function, filegroups of the partitions, number of partitions
  • Added: filegroup and compression information on „Storage“ tab
  • Improved: Tab „Space“ is now called „Storage“ and has additional info
  • Improved: indexed views now have „Storage“ and „Partitions“ tabs
  • Fixed: Now you can differentiate null from false in boolean fields

XDetails 1.2 Released (2011-04-04)

  • There is no more date limit. Full version has all the features. Free version (unregistered) has a subset of functionality.
  • Improved: Shortcut key is now „Alt+1“ (previous was Ctrl+Alt+M)
  • Improved: Grid is autosized to content, decimal data is aligned to the right
  • Improved: Boolean columns are now sortable
  • Fixed: „Object reference not set“ when activating XDetails outside SQL Editor
  • Fixed: Long wait  (15 sec) when network path to db is not available

XDetails 1.1 Released (2011-01-31)

First non-beta release:

  • Added: improved support for SQL 2000 databases. Objects are described in equal detail as higher version databases where possible
  • Added: IF-EXISTS-DROP clause added on top of the creation script you get with Edit button
  • Fixed: “Cannot remove this column” error on Data tab if there was a column of the TIMESTAMP data type
  • Fixed: Detection of object name without selection was not correct in some situations (e.g. in comments if there was no space between “–” and object name). Parsing identifiers completely rewritten.
  • Fixed: “There is no row at position 0” error when displaying script for objects for which source code is not available in system views (e.g. for procedure  “sp_getbindtoken”)
  • Fixed: Script was truncated after 4000 characters if it was longer than that. Only SQL Server 2000 affected.

XDetails 1.0 Beta released (2010-12-11)

First public beta

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