About SQL XDetails

SQL XDetails
Database objects at your fingertips!


XDetails is SQL add-in for SQL Server Management Studio to search your database objects and see their details like indexes, column comments, foreign keys, partitions, etc.
It is like
standard “Object details” window, but with much more information.


XDetails is an SQL add-in for SQL Server Management Studio.
It makes your database work faster and more efficient, your working hours more valuable:

  • For SQL Server Developers and DBAs
  • Simple object search by name part
  • Brings details about your database tables, procedures, views, triggers and other objects at your fingertips
  • Partition information for tables, indexes and indexed views (partitioning key, number of rows and size in MB for each partition, etc)
  • Unique feature of displaying “included” index columns, index sizes, indexes on table-valued functions, triggers on views, indexes on views, and many more
  • Unique view of foreign keys (referenced column is display next to table column)
  • Multicolumn foreign and primary keys supported
  • Column comments visible inline with column
  • Information is always current. Never see stale procedure code that is not the same as current, or unrecognized freshly created table like in other tools
  • No need to manually refresh cache or anything else, ever. You need the info – you get the info!
  • Very light and fast. Special care was taken on that. You should not wait while you work.
  • Instant on: there is no start-up waiting time for collection of all objects data as in other tools
  • Tested on large databases (>20 000 objects, stored procedures, tables, etc)
  • Supports SQL 2000 and up (tested on SQL 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014) all editions, including express

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